Lesson Learned

This is an excellent message for everyone trying to Live by Design. You can’t do it all! You have to rest too! I have trouble remembering this so I reblogged this post as a reminder to us all.

Her 30's

OneTHINGa-at-time1As a very busy woman in her thirties, life has demanded my uninterrupted attention. I’ve been working the day job, the night job, and trying to keep up with dishes and the rest of my house cleaning rituals that make me feel mentally stable. Somewhere in between, I have managed to hang out with my husband, my parents, my cats and some friends. The notes app in my phone is full of Her 30’s writing ideas and observations that I’ve not been able to develop nor execute. I’ve missed the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that I get when I write, but I have had to acknowledge and accept that I cannot do it all, and expect to do it all well, all at the same time. As a woman in her thirties, I have finally learned that I have to determine what requires immediate attention and focus on that…

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On Vacation

On Vacation

In the spirit of relaxing and getting healthy this summer, I am taking a week away from my blog to vacation. I’ll tell you all about it when I return. Happy summer!

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Online Summer School Update

Day 1

Ok, so teaching in my PJs online isn’t so bad. I’ve made it through two days with only a few technical errors and the students seem to be progressing nicely. They are a hardworking bunch and they ask logical questions so I’m not getting too much computer rage.

I’m also experimenting with giving the students verbal feedback, (short recording included with their marks). It’s faster than typing my comments and they can hear the tone of my voice as I explain to them how to improve their work. The students haven’t let me know what they think of this yet but I will ask them as the course progresses.

My one frustration is getting students to post their questions to the discussion board instead of emailing me. The purpose of this is that students can help each other when I’m not online and students who have the same question can see the answers I post so I don’t get thirty emails on the same question. Hmmmm, have to keep working on that part of the course.

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Patio Season for Kitties Too.

20130609_195037 20130609_193704 20130609_193650 20130609_195053

So now that the weather is nice, we often leave our windows open. Our kitties are indoor cats but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy nature. Now they spend hours laying on the window sills watching the squirrels and birds flit around the yard. It’s like kitty TV.

If the weather gets too hot or muggy to have the window open, Larry will sit by the window and ‘chirp’ to let us know he’d like his patio open please!

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In Memory of My Nanny.


I planted a bleeding-heart bush on the shady side of my house in memory of my Nanny. I remember seeing this plant for the first time ever in my Nan’s backyard. I must have been about ten or eleven. The ripples of brilliant pink and creamy white cascading into hearts astounded me. I was never much of a gardener as a kid but this bush had something magical about it. It was the perfect haven for my My Little Ponies and I spent hours out there until it was time for dinner. Ever since, these flowers remind me of my Nan and I hope my little version with flourish.

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Online Summer School Looms

Summer school 175/365

So tomorrow my online summer school course begins. I’m nervous about the course working correctly for the students. I’ve spent hours slaving over the content and links to try to make the navigation simple but the content challenging enough.

Oh, and the students. There’s 47 of them. 47. The administration assures me many of them will drop out when they realize the course is only two weeks and they need to work on it every day. I’m not so sure. Besides, that’s a lot of introductory assignments to mark. ARRRRRRRGH! Must remain calm, must not freak out. Bah, I hate working in the summer.


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Catnip makes for happy, happy kitties.


My catnip plant is flourishing. I love this hearty little plant with its weird, half minty, half musty smell. But there are two boys in my house who love this catnip much more than I ever could.

20130609_192715 20130609_192725 20130609_192758 20130609_192814 20130609_192821 20130609_192947

Here are Tracker and Larry lustily gulping down their catnip. They munch and munch and then run around for a few minutes like wild beasts, (we call them little horses because they gallop). Then they both have a bath and a nap.


Here’s all they left behind. Yum-yum. Thanks mom!

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Workout Euphoria

Free weights

I lift weights. I like my weight-lifting class. It’s challenging and it makes me feel good. Sometimes my workout there leaves me drained. Some days I leave feeling weak. Not today.

Today my workout hit just the right spot and I got workout euphoria. It’s a feeling where you push and push beyond where you think you can go and you are left with a feeling of joy and peace. You’re still tired but you feel great about it. I hope I can make this feeling last all day long.


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Hey Green Thing Growing Next to My House, What the Heck Are You?

20130609_192302 20130609_192155

So here is my novice gardening skills showing. I found these little green plants with yellow flowers in a shady spot next to my house. They are short and have no real smell. Does anyone know what they are? Are they weeds? Do I pull them out? What the heck are they?

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My First Official Day Off.

So yesterday was my first official day of summer because I got to choose what I wanted to do and I didn’t have to go anywhere. However, I did not take the slow, lazy day one would expect. Am I the only one who finds that in their early vacation has trouble relaxing?

Today I went to the gym, cleaned the house, began an online course as a student, set up more of the online course I’m teaching, read more of my novel, and cooked a chicken for dinner. I was almost breathless by dinner. I accomplished a lot but I was exhausted. I need to start my summer of healing and rest. Maybe I can do that now that my house is clean and my belly is full.

Roast chicken, the most commonly eaten white meat

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